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The Great Northern Japan Earthquake strikes causing a gigantic tsunami and severe damage to Iwaki City.

Heidi is chosen to participate in the JET Alumni Invitation Program to visit Iwaki City in September 2011.

Yamato Damashii


News  ニュース

03.11.2011 - NEW!


Read Heidi's Blog about her trip to Japan on the JET Alumni Invitation Program - See the Iwaki Page!

20.10.2011 - NEW!

Welcome ようこそ! 

After spending 5 years living, working and practicing Kendo in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, we returned to Hobart Tasmania during August 2008.

In Japan, Heidi spent 3 years working as a CIR (Coordinator for International Relations) at Iwaki City Hall and a further 2 years teaching English at Various Elementary (Primary) Schools in Iwaki City as part of the Japanese Exchange & Teaching (JET) Program. Lars spent a year working for NOVA in Iwaki as an English Teacher and then also joined the JET Program for 4 years working as an Assistant Language Teacher at the Iwaki City Board of Education.

In Japan we had the opportunity to take part in many events and also meet many people. We both miss our Japanese friends, we miss the great Kendo sessions and we miss the skiing.

Returning to Australia has been difficult but we have jobs, we finally finished building our house (which of course has a dojo) and have been trying to save our money so that we can visit our friends in Iwaki. Please see our page about Iwaki!